Hertford's prosperity, heritage and links to the capital make it a much sought-after area for housing. As a result, property prices in the town are amongst the highest in the UK. Prices in September 2021 reflect this, with the average selling price of a flat being £387,357 and of a semi-detached property £480,000 (source: Land Registry).

There were 11,659 households in Hertford according to the 2011 census, a rise of 10% when compared with the 2001 census figure of 10,547, and a rise of 23% when compared with the 1991 census figure of 9427.

A large number of these new homes have been built to the East of the town on the side of the former railway sidings and industrial land along Mead Lane. Other recent developments of significant size have been built in Ware Road, Mead Lane and in Bengeo. Many more are expected in the coming years, with permission having been granted for developments in west of the town.

If you are interested in buying property in the town, a list of estate and letting agents is shown below.

Estate Agent
10-11 Market Place
Hertford SG14 1DG
Tel: 01992 663890
Morgan Alexander
Estate Agent
40 Castle Street
Hertford SG14 1HH
Tel: 01992 248028
Anthony Davies
Dreampad Estate Agent
Beeson's Yard
55 Railway Street
Hertford SG14 1BA
Tel: 0333 772 9775
Dreampad Estate Agent
3-5 Cowbridge
Hertford SG14 1PG
Tel: 0333 772 9775
William H Brown
Estate Agent
21 Castle Street
Tel: 01992 586501
Thomas Childs
Estate Agent
9-13 Parliament Square
Hertford SG14 1EY
Tel: 01992 721321
Sage Ward
Estate Agent
12-14 Parliament Square
Hertford SG14 1EF
Tel: 01992 504058
Estate Agent
6 Mill Bridge
Hertford SG14 1PY
Tel: 01992 551955
Steven Oates
Estate Agent
70 Fore Street
Tel: 01992 303300
Estate Agent
2 Market Street
Tel: 01992 582000
Letting Agent
85 Railway Street
Hertford SG14 1RP
Tel: 01992 501511
Letting Agent
2 Market Place
Hertford SG14 1DF
Tel: 01992 532222
King's Group
Estate Agent
28 Maidenhead Street
Tel: 01992 586570
Anthony Lettings
Estate Agent
The Rotunda
Hertford SG13 7LA
Tel: 01992 503200
Simply Homes
Estate Agent
115 Fore Street
Hertford SG14 1AS
Tel: 01992 558557
County Lettings
Letting Agent
Beeson's Yard, 59 Railway Street
Hertford SG14 1BA
Tel: 01992 504644