Hartham Common

Hartham Common is a large recreational area close to the town centre. It is largely enclosed by the Rivers Beane and Lee, with a confluence of the two rivers in the north-eastern corner. It is managed by East Herts District Council.

The River Lee runs along the southern edge of Hartham, where you'll find the Hertford Basin and weir. The Basin is home to a number of residential boatowners and is close to the nearby Hertford East station and Tesco. Just across the weir is Herts Canoe Club and just a couple of minutes walk away is Hartham Pool and Leisure Centre, which is owned by the District Council and operated by Everyone Active. The centre has a small car park for visitors. There is also a public car park immediately to the south on the site of the old railway line that used to run along the southern boundary of the common.

Next the the leisure centre is a popular fenced children's playground. There is also skate park which is similarly popular with teenagers.

National cycle route 61 also runs along the southern edge of Hartham.

In the south-western corner is the Hartham car park, which is a pay-and-display car park operated by the district council. This can be accessed either via Port Hill or Cowbridge.

The River Beane runs along the western and northern borders of Hartham. To the north you will also find Sele Farm Bowls Club and Hertford Tennis Club as well as well as three public tennis courts.

The northern boundary is also notable for The Warren, a densely wooded incline that separates Hartham from Bengeo. Along the bottom is a tarmac path that leads from Port Hill to St.Leonard's Church, Hertford's oldest building. There is also a footpath within The Warren although this starts and finishes short of both ends of the finished path.

There is also a trim trail running around the edge of Hartham, with a selection of installed exercise equipment at regular stops along the trail.

Football is also regularly played at Hartham with both matches and training taking place at weekends.