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Average Temperatures

The average maximum temperature during the Winter months is around 7-8° Celsius.

Average temperatures start rising in March
to 10° through to 13° in April and 17° in May.

The Summer months produce temperatures of 19° to 23°, peaking in August.

Autumn sees the average back down to 15° in October and 10° in November.

Source: Met Office, 1971-2000 averages


January sees the least sunshine, with an average of between 44-52 hours over the month (around an hour and a half per day).

This rises to over 100 hours in March and up to 200 from May to August (over 6 hours a day on average).

September sees the figure drop to around 140 hours and then to just over 100 in October. November on average has 66-68 hours of sunshine, with December marginally sunnier than January.

Source: Met Office, 1971-2000 averages

Frost and Precipitation

Hertford sees just 4-7 days a year with snow lying.

Ground frost will occur on 105-125 days.

More than 1mm rain will fall on 110 days of the year.