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Neighbourhood plan considers 'quietway'

Thursday 4 February 2021

Residents working with local authorities on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Kingsmead Ward of Hertford are considering adding a quietway scheme to their proposals.

The scheme aims to prevent residential streets running parallel to Ware Road being used as a rat run by motorists trying to avoid queueing traffic in Ware Road.

The proposal is to test ideas for closures at four possible points. There would be constraints on car use, but all residents would be able to walk and cycle more confidently and enjoy an improved street environment. For those regularly cycling or walking to Hertford East station, the Town Centre or to Hartham Common the benefits would be immediately apparent.

Proposed route of Hertford East Quietway with potential points of road closure

The Quietway is described as a feasible and cost effective way to bring a range of benefits, as well as addressing climate change and promoting active travel.

The benefits would include:

  • Less traffic, fumes and cleaner air to breathe
  • Reduced disturbance and noise pollution
  • Improved sense of safety for all including children and elderly
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Better health and a choice to enjoy walking, cycling
  • More social contact in a calmer environment.
  • An encouragement to leave the car and reduce parking problems in the town centre
  • Improved street scene with space for landscaping, seating, play space etc

It is also thought the proposal could also provide opportunities for landscaping, as well as new rest and play areas.

There are already examples of roads being blocked off in Hertford, here in Port Vale

The Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan is being driven by local residents and the town council to create policies for development, community facilities, business and employment opportunities, conservation and transport for the east of the town, including Ware Road and the Foxholes and Pinehurst areas of the town.

The Sele and Bengeo Wards of the town are at advanced stages of formulating neighbourhood plans.

You can read more about the Quietway proposal on the Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan website.

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