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Residents to hold roundabout protest

Thursday 21 November 2019

Local residents are planning a protest at the Rush Green roundabout on Saturday to highlight the lack of action in addressing dangerous queueing at the entrance to MacDonalds and the BP service station.

The issue was first raised over five years ago, due to traffic queueing on the roundabout to enter the MacDonalds takeaway and blocking the Stansted Road entrance to the roundabout. This leads to drivers making dangerous maneouvers to avoid collisions or get on to the roundabout.

The stretch of road outside MacDonalds is a designation clearway but this is largely ignored by motorists and rarely enforced.

Police served a ‘Community Protection Notice Warning’ (CPW) (Pursuant to s43 of the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014) on the owners of the site requesting that they come back within 28 days with solutions. Once this was provided the order was withdrawn.

The protest will take place between 11:30am and 1pm and organisers have been liaising with police to ensure the protest takes place safely.

Mike Viitmaa of the Kingsmead Residents Association said: "The local councils, including Highways and the Herts Police, must take some of the responsibility for allowing the retailers to overdevelop their outlets, thereby culminating in the hazards we currently experience. This together with ineffective enforcement of offending traffic blocking what I suspect is meant be a clearway, is a dereliction of public duty to the community."

A county council spokesperson said: “This is a complex issue and it's therefore taking a long time to resolve. However, we have agreed what we believe is a practical and affordable solution with McDonald's and BP. We're currently trying to get a commitment from both businesses to fund the works. As this is a problem caused by their customers, we believe that it's up to them to pay to fix it, not the taxpayer."

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