Local issue - trouble with those 'visiting Hertford'.

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Local issue - trouble with those 'visiting Hertford'.

Postby Ewoowar » Thu 23 Apr, 2015 3:36 pm

I know I ought to read the literature from the various candidates for the posts of local concillors. But they lie amongst the flyers for pizzas, home cleaners and pet groomers so perhaps that is why I miss them.

I would like to know what efforts they could propose to tackle the situation with children usually bunking free rides up to Hertford East and assaulting or robbing local youths.

Hugo Kane
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Re: Local issue - trouble with those 'visiting Hertford'.

Postby Hugo Kane » Thu 30 Apr, 2015 4:00 pm

Perhaps the children from outside Hertford could all be branded, maybe accross the forehead?

Make it easier to tell them apart from from our own little darlings.

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