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10/01/2011 by Tiny


I have a smallish job for a carpenter - basically building a cupboard and shelving unit to match one on the other side of my fireplace and rather than do it myself i need a carpenter. Anyone used a good one in Hertford? Thanks


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10/01/2011 by Leo Densian

As recommended previously give Peter Wentworth a call on 07850 451161

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11/01/2011 by Taxing

A vote for Sean Jefferies 07890 605666, who in the last year has put up a partition wall for us and fitted kitchen worktops. Both top notch jobs and reasonably priced.

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11/01/2011 by Marilyn

and a vote here for Phil Storey 01992 414512 he is based in Hertford and very good, he has done work for us and our neighbours and we have all been very pleased.

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