Bircherley Green Redevelopment

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City Fella
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Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by City Fella » Sun 17 Aug, 2014 9:28 pm

We received a letter through the door at the weekend from the managing agents for Bircherley Green Shopping Centre about their plans for redeveloping the area. Not sure how far reaching these letters went but have put the link below to the website they have set up." target="_blank

They are holding a Public Consultation outside Waitrose/Superdrug on Friday 29th August (2pm-7pm) and Saturday 30th August (10am-4pm). It is stated on the website that this consultation is a chance to give feedback before plans are submitted to the Council.

Now I'm all for redeveloping the area to improve the look & feel of the area and hopefully persuade Waitrose to remain in the area along with encouraging other retailers into the town. However, the thing which immediately concerns me is their plans to add over 100 homes (think it was around 140) into this area and from information within the letter, the majority of these would be flats above the anchor food store. Where would these new residents park was my first thought and that's before I have even gone on to think about schooling, increasing traffic, etc.

Will certainly be dropping by their stand on one of those days and hearing what they have to say on the matter!
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Re: Bircherley Green

Post by Drama Queen » Mon 18 Aug, 2014 9:43 am

Thanks for the information about this consultation. So much for keeping a larger presence in the town.. I too would have serious concerns regarding parking facilities etc, etc as the current carpark is locked at set times so this would be a huge issue and also I thought it was about getting retailing up not putting people in the area if all else fails! I shall see what they have to show us.....
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Re: Bircherley Green

Post by Golden » Mon 18 Aug, 2014 10:43 am

There is very little detail on the website and it seems to me like an opening move in a chess game. I'm not sure about the 'rules' on such developments but I am sure that I wouldn't trust a developer to deliver on their early 'promises'. There is obviously a lot of ambiguity due to the huge number of variables involved.

One thing that I am sure of is that the area needs some help. If Waitrose were to go I believe that many would follow from BG but there is no certainty that Waitrose would stay anyway, the website only indicates "including the creation of a bigger and better food-store" but obviously can't speak for Waitrose in who will be occupying the store. I think the relocation of the bus stops is overdue but I'm not sure how the businesses in Fore Street will feel about this becoming the new bus station. 100 homes is an opening gambit in my opinion and I'd expect a lesser number to be eventually proposed but should the stores move out what is to stop the developer simply requesting that the area becomes yet another block of flats - I'm sure the commercial/business use could get overturned quite easily as councils appear to be willing to fulfill the need for even more homes (read flats). My major fear is that this could turn into some hideous and faceless Fawkon Walk type development. I like the aspiration of the developer but have this fear that their aspirations don't match my expectations.
City Fella
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Re: Bircherley Green

Post by City Fella » Mon 18 Aug, 2014 11:48 am

I agree that there seems to be very little in terms of actual information on the website - the letter did mention that more would be added to the site once the consultation had taken place.

I would have scanned a copy of the letter onto the forum as it gave a little more detail but unfortunately my 2 year old decided to use it for colouring/drawing/cutting almost immediately after I read it...make of that what you will but she obviously didn't think much of it!
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Steve » Mon 18 Aug, 2014 12:20 pm

I certainly hope it's an opening gambit. The scale and massing are way over the top. The monolithic characterless blocks are just one eyesore replacing another. It might work in a modern new town like Harlow but not in Hertford. The buildings appears completely featureless - no varying roof heights or layout.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Alec » Tue 19 Aug, 2014 1:10 pm

"Relocate the bus terminals on Bircherley Street to modern, upgraded bus stops on Fore Street"

Not sure how that would work One side is taken up by the taxi rank - surely there's no space for a whole run of bus stops even if they are modern & upgraded?
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by arty » Tue 19 Aug, 2014 2:31 pm

Anyone know what a 'modern upgraded bus stop' is, anyway? :shock:
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Old Charm » Tue 19 Aug, 2014 2:59 pm

I am sure all the existing bus stops in Bircherley Green would not be able to fit on one side of Fore Street. The stops would have to allow space for a bus to swing in behind or in front of another bus already parked and unless the council banned car parking on the other side of the road, the buses pulling out after picking up passengers, would find it very difficult manouvering, and would cause havoc with the flow of normal traffic. Unless Fore Street was to become buses only !
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by claudiaj » Tue 19 Aug, 2014 5:41 pm

Their timing is not good! I work from 2.00 - 7.00 on Friday and until 4.00 on Saturday!! If there is to be more housing I hope there will be houses rather than flats. I shall be staying in my 4 bedroomed house as a sole occupier as I can find nothing suitable and smaller that is not a flat - in Hertford anyway.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Maurader » Wed 20 Aug, 2014 10:08 pm

Looks great. Just what Hertford needs to boost the town. I definitely support the plans and many other people I've spoken to are of the same opinion, especially if it means we can retain Waitrose.