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Dog Poo Disposal

Posted: Sun 13 Mar, 2016 5:05 pm
by Darcy Sarto
I know we have covered this before but can the dog walkers (at Waterford Heath in particular but also everywhere else) please STOP bagging up poo and leaving it hanging from trees or strewn on the ground. This is selfish, offensive and stupid for a number of reasons.

Bagging up poo is a good thing but only if you then take it away and bin it (bins are provided). Unbagged poo is a bad thing but is, after some time, able to be dispersed and bio-degraded naturally. Left in a bag it remains "protected" and (the bag) is an additional hazard to wildlife.

The morons who bag it and leave it are not only stupid but guilty of littering which, some may say perversely, carries a greater potential penalty than allowing your dog to foul a footpath or open space.

If, having bagged a poo, you cannot be arsed to carry it a few hundred yards (or less) to a bin then don't have dog (and stop at home).

This practice is further highlighted by the recent excellent efforts to clear pathways at the Heath revealing a depressing legacy of human stupidity, selfishness and laziness.

As you can tell - this really gets in my pip! :( :( :evil:

Rant over.....