What a Christmas present!

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John at Hertford
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What a Christmas present!

Postby John at Hertford » Sat 20 Dec, 2014 7:15 pm

My son, who runs his own plumbing company, was approached by BOB FM, our local radio station, as part of their Christmas Wishes campaign. Someone called Kayliegh had called to say that her dad, who lives in Hertford Heath, has had no heating in his house for over five years. He has a new boiler, to replace his broken one, but couldn't afford to have the conversion done.
So my son, Rob, arranged to get a team of plumbers, a heating engineer and an electrician to go to Kayleigh's dad's house, while he was out, and install the boiler. It took all day.
What a surprise, though. You should have seen the look on Kaylieigh's dad's face. It was a wonderful moment.
You can hear all about it on BOB FM, at these links:
The thing is, those miserly humbugs at The Mercury newspaper would not cover this as a lovely local news story, because they insisted BOB FM were news competitors.
Still, this was a wonderful and heart-warming thing for my son to have done, and I am duly proud of him.

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Re: What a Christmas present!

Postby LoucasX » Sun 21 Dec, 2014 5:29 pm

Fantastic! Your son sounds like a top bloke. Shame on you Mercury for not wanting to bring a heart warming story like that to your readers.

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Re: What a Christmas present!

Postby Kateg28 » Mon 22 Dec, 2014 10:41 am

My partner runs a business and he has huge problems with trying to advertise on both media as they insist they are competitors. It is silly actually as they complement each other e.g. I listen to Bob in car but read paper on train. Together they could be stronger.

What a lovely story about the plumbing, I will remember this if I ever need a plumber. My partner does stuff like this to help people and I often find myself crying when telling people about stuff he does.

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