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Re: Aldi

Postby Steve » Thu 03 Aug, 2017 2:08 pm

SloopJohnB wrote:Not going too well for Aldi on the basis of this guidance from Planing policy desk ... 140681.pdf

Link above didn't work for me but this did ... ... 140681.pdf

SloopJohnB wrote:It will mean the loss of 170 jobs and only gain 50 as feared by newgirl.

I think that's a win. What are the chances of finding another employer willing to take on the site and 150 employees? Quite small I would imagine. Retail use obviously generates employment so I would dismiss the change of use issues. Whilst there are certainly policy issues, I think a little pragmatism might not go amiss. IMHO the benefits outweigh the shortcomings.

I also see that despite the comments from Planning Policy, Highways have raised no objections in their response.

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Re: Aldi

Postby codek2 » Thu 03 Aug, 2017 2:38 pm

that link doesnt work either steve!

i suspect they've got some horrible session based voodoo in the url. bah.

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Re: Aldi

Postby SloopJohnB » Thu 03 Aug, 2017 3:00 pm

Steve, I was just trying to paraphrase Planning Policy's arguments. Their document references the National Planing Policy Framework and District Plan and other research done by outside agencies which I think is what their role is in this. By 2019 with more residents I do think that we will need another food store and there is nowhere else to go so a little pragmatism as you say will go a long way. Depending on what is being discussed both Tesco and Sainsburys declare themselves 'out of town' or 'town centre' but we will still have to shop for food outside of the town centre.

I see from axis magazine that the giftware shop in Market Square has closed. I have made the point to the Town Centre Urban District Plan and at many other meetings that more should be done to promote, advertise and market the town centre - an ancient, historic and architecturally rich market town. Therefore the sequential judgement may be valid but a waste of time if there is nothing in the town centre to harm.

One of the measures used against Sainsburys was the effect on comparison shopping. A valid point at the time but as soon as it opened people were asking me why it wasn't bigger and have a Home and Wear department; which could have been done with all the empty space at the time but against planing policy. I could go on but many of the conversations I had with the Sainsburys consultants about signage, town centre support and other things fell on deaf ears elsewhere and now I am being polite and obtuse before I drop myself in the proverbial.

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