Bircherley Green Redevelopment

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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by newcomer » Tue 02 Dec, 2014 10:42 am

Steve wrote:Looks like Waitrose Great Amwell might have a problem ... ... P%20TH.pdf" target="_blank

"Recommended for refusal"

No.1 reason - Green Belt.

"The proposal is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework, the Local Plan 2007 and the intended direction of the emerging District Plan."
I don't what is normal for the language of these things but reading through it, it seems like a pretty comprehensive rejection on numerous solid (and not overcomable) points.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Steve » Tue 02 Dec, 2014 3:23 pm

Joe wrote:So they might have made themselves homeless then?
That very much depends on whether or not you believe what you read in The Mercury, or what Waitrose's position might or might not be. I suspect there's a high stakes game being played out. Waitrose must have known that an out-of-town supermarket on Green Belt land was never going to get planning permission, not only because it goes against local and national planning guidance, but also their own thinking on the future of food retailing.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Mack E. Avelly » Wed 03 Dec, 2014 1:39 am

This weekend I asked the young till lady if the recent minor refurbishment and the impending arrival of an in store cash machine meant they had decided to stay after all.

There was a brief discussion amongst the staff as to what the implication might be and the consensus was that they would be around until 2016. So I'm glad there's been a stay of execution as I like the staff and the shop, although I can see how being larger and more modern would help a lot (the shop!). It would appear they are playing games with various interests, be they the current owners of Bircherley, the Council or Van Hagues. It makes some sense from a business perspective but there comes a point when they cross the line from being skilful negotiators to mendacious bastards.

Had they left Hertford, I would have left them.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Ewoowar » Fri 05 Dec, 2014 2:49 pm

Waitrose are not Tesco and therefore I think the term 'mendacious bastards' may not apply as integrity may be of importance to them.

I also spoke to them about the refurbishment. The response was that as any other development (Ware?) would be a long time off and still requires planning permission they need to update their existing store in Hertford. I think it will be there for a good few years to come.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by wardclan » Wed 17 Dec, 2014 1:51 pm

anyone know whats happened with the redevelopment plans ? I have heard a rumour they have been withdrawn and re-submitted with fairly big changes due to be released early in the new year..
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by codek2 » Wed 17 Dec, 2014 2:23 pm

they withdrew to address "traffic" concerns. No comments were made on the fact that there is nothing they can do about the fact that it is against policy re: green belt and location etc.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by wardclan » Thu 18 Dec, 2014 12:05 pm

are we talking about bircherley gn? I now have it on good authority that there have been some changes made to the original plan and these will be available early in the new year
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by codek2 » Thu 18 Dec, 2014 1:21 pm

ah apologies i got mixed up, i was talking about VH.

hard to see anything happening re: bircherley green development until waitrose have gone though.
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by grumpyoldgit » Fri 06 Feb, 2015 1:50 pm

New application for Van Hage site now in

comments to fao Tim Hagyard

plans here ... 15/0149/FP

Perhaps the Mercury could start a petition like the post office
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Re: Bircherley Green Redevelopment

Post by Hugh » Fri 20 Feb, 2015 6:14 pm

Van Hage and Waitrose need you to have your say on plans to redevelop parts of the existing Van Hage Great Amwell store and build a new Waitrose food store alongside it.

Van Hage

The new Waitrose investment will allow Van Hage to provide an improved offer for its customers, including a new 100-seater bistro café to provide a better service and modern facilities for a more enjoyable experience. Van Hage will remain open during construction.
The traditional Van Hage offerings of the Miniature Railway, Farmers Market, Circus, Christmas Ice Rink and Animal Gardens will remain.


The new store will provide the latest Waitrose food and drink offer which will include meat, fish, cheese and patisserie counters as well as a coffee shop. This will be set within a spacious, comfortable and attractive shopping environment.
Waitrose will also offer their full Click & Collect service in store as well.

Please have your say, either for or against the development by clicking the below survey button - it really will only take a minute.

Your response is greatly appreciated and thank you for shopping with Van Hage.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Chris Roberts

Chairman & Managing Director

Van Hage