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Local cider?

Posted: Thu 19 Jun, 2014 3:46 pm
by Chris71
I'd like to get some decent cider to take down to Glastonbury next week, but I need it in a plastic container of some description rather than glass bottles. I guess decent quality cider would decant into another container if the worst came to the worst - it's not as if I need to worry about it going flat - but I wondered if there was anywhere locally that would sell it in plastic containers?

I usually head down the day before and get something locally, but that's not an option this year. God forbid, I might have to face the three-hour long queue to get in without a drink. ;)

Re: Local cider?

Posted: Wed 25 Jun, 2014 1:16 pm
by Louis M
Hi Chris,

If you fancy having a go too, I had had some good results with 'Turbo' Cider. Everything you need is above the pharmacy in Broxbourne.
You can drink it after 10 days and there are loads of step by step guides online.