A414 Corridor Consultation

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Re: A414 Corridor Consultation

Post by codek2 » Sat 23 Feb, 2019 8:25 pm

Exactly - you only have to look at buntingford and bishops stortford - ALL the land between the bypass and the town WILL become housing in time. The further out the bypass, the more houses.

A lot of people don't seem to realise that.
TcfL wrote:
Sat 16 Feb, 2019 8:27 am
OK, these are my views. If you don’t solve today’s problems how can you gauge what tomorrow’s will be as we have been chasing this tail since the 1950’s. Those ‘in the know’ tell us we will all be using EVs, lowering pollution (ignoring the raw metal extraction process), and possibly self-driving vehicles so solving pollution! (Obviously ignoring the total lack or torque of EV’s when it comes to using them for HGV’s/Road building equipment and the like). Of course the A414 will get busier especially as it is proposed to build a bridge off the north bound A1 at junc 4 to the A414 – an invitation to traffic to divert at that point. Where is the evidence HCC has even consulted with DoT on a regional solution rather than a “locally paid for solution” with an appropriate cross road link between the M25 and the A14 like an upgrade of A505? if the route was built and not upgraded to major A road won’t we be left with the long term costs? Where are the proposals to upgrade M25/A10 feeder or A1(M) as it will be an invitation to trucks. The paper does suggest that building the bypass will also open up more land for housing – where is that land? I suggest that it is between Hertford and the bypass. Remember more roads=more housing=more traffic=more roads=more pollution - the issue we have now, but without the more roads
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