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Re: Sele shops disabled bays

Posted: Fri 12 Feb, 2016 12:00 pm
by Robbo
'I reckon there are plenty of undeserving blue badges when you get down to it. As in most things in life there are probably faults on both sides. Just sayin'.'

An elderly relative of mine (early 80's) maintains two allotments, my garden, and trims my trees using ladders and a chainsaw. He is very proud of how active he is, in comparison to many others of a similar age.

However he has a dodgy ankle which sometimes gives him some pain for which he straps it up and takes some paracetomol. Whilst it is strapped up he can still look after his allotments.

For this he gets a blue badge.

I have a friend in his late 30's who commutes to the city by train every day. He has dodgy knee cartilages which give him some pain. He's got a blue badge too!!

Re: Sele shops disabled bays

Posted: Fri 12 Feb, 2016 8:16 pm
by steven
Alec wrote: While I completely agree about the misuse of designated parking bays, bear in mind that not all disabilities are obvious to the casual observer. I understand that there are many disabled people who get abuse from the public for parking abuse, when they are entitled to disabled parking.

Ultimately, I guess you have to respect the blue badge, despite the fact that these two are subject to abuse.
Oh I'm completely aware that some disabilities aren't obvious, but they will still have a blue badge. Whether they are "deserving" of one is a different subject, none of my business, and between them and their doctor. If they have one then fine, but virtually everyone I see (including a lot of builders as already mentioned) don't. I don't go checking (that would make me a weirdo) but since I don't use those bays I walk past them and can see if there's one in the window or not.

I was under the impression it's quite hard to get one nowadays. A friend recently got one (grudgingly, but it was time) and I while I don't know the details they had to jump through some hoops. Not literally, thankfully.