Bluecoats Roundabout Congestion

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Bluecoats Roundabout Congestion

Postby Steve » Sat 14 Mar, 2015 4:18 pm

I wonder when Highways last did a study of traffic flow on the Bluecoats roundabout.

During peak hours there is almost constant congestion due to backed up traffic on the roundabout where the Fore Street entrance conflicts with the Ware Road exit. It's even worse when motorists ignore the poorly placed Keep Clear markings. I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents on the roundabout as people try to negotiate their way out of Fore Street.

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Re: Bluecoats Roundabout Congestion

Postby SloopJohnB » Sat 14 Mar, 2015 5:04 pm

I can't be one hundred per cent certain but the last time this was looked at was possibly during the Tesco application to expand the store. Tesco had a working model of a new roundabout layout and traffic signals as part of the presentation which they were going to heavily subsidise to help the traffic flow in and around the store because of their wish to relocate the entrance.

Even so the exit from the Tesco car park was meant to be in the corner by Concorde Trophies but this was overruled because I think of property dispute.I might have to look up the minutes from the Hertford Transport Forum from a few years back to check all this. This no longer meets of course.

BTW a lot of work went into the roundabouts because the emphasis was on improving east/west flow at the expense of traffic flowing into town from the A10.

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