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Sainsbury Parking

Post by theadmans » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 3:31 pm

Since the introduction of the new parking system my wife has collected two £70 parking fines. On both occasions after shopping she scanned the parking voucher given to her by the till operator. We used the Horizon Parking Online site to appeal on the first ticket (but haven't heard back yet).

When we got the second ticket my wife went into Sainsbury to find out what is going on. The manager said she would cancel the second ticket but she couldn't cancel the first ticket as we have appealed.

I just wondered if anybody else has had similar problems?

It has got to the point where my wife is going to no longer shop at Sainsbury (as she doesn't trust the ticket machine).

My wife never got any tickets with the old system. I also find it strange that Horizon provide staff onsite helping with the ticket machines (so long after they were introduced).

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