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Posted: Mon 11 Apr, 2016 10:04 pm
by Pippa
We are thinking about having our driveway re-done, any recommendations please?

Re: Driveways

Posted: Tue 12 Apr, 2016 8:55 am
by Kateg28
We used Jamescape two years ago and are very happy. The work was done to schedule and the team on site were lovely (we had the back garden done too so they were on site for nearly two weeks). I would certainly recommend them.

They were about mid range in the quotes we got but we felt it was an honest quote for good work and we would be able to work with them.

One of the firms who came to quote, perfectly friendly chap, sat with us chatting about our requirements and his whole conversation was littered with expletives. It was normal language for him (which is fine) but I was a bit shocked as he was sitting in our kitchen with our young teenagers in earshot. I know they have heard it all yada yada yada but I thought it was a bit off when pitching for business?

My OH did give him the feedback (nicely) that the over use of the F word had put me completely off.

Re: Driveways

Posted: Sun 24 Apr, 2016 5:17 pm
by Pippa
Thank you for Jamescape recommendation Kate28. Some of our friends have had their gardens done by them and they made an excellent job. I didn't realise that they also did driveways.

Re: Driveways

Posted: Fri 05 Aug, 2016 8:30 am
by Pippa
Thank you for recommending Jamescape Kate28. They have just finished our driveway and a little bit of landscaping at the side of the house and have done an excellent job. The team working at our house were professional, hardworking and polite and I would have no problem recommending.