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Sainsbury's in store party platters

Posted: Wed 15 Jul, 2015 4:37 pm
by Marilyn
I have to praise Hertford Sainsbury's Party Platter service. they did the sandwich and wrap, cheese fruit etc for my parents 65th wedding anniversary party and they were brilliant. They are made in store on the deli counter, not pre made and bought in as some store do. I can't praise them highly enough if you have a party they are fresh, delicious and in my opinion cost effective by the time you buy everything to try and do them yourself..........without the time involved. I wasn't aware they did them just asked on the off chance and so glad I did. they do have a brochure at the deli counter or here. ... y-platters

I will admit I didn't want Sainsbury's on the Hartham site but in hindsight I think they are a great addition and giving Tesco a run for their money I hope! ( Tesco no longer offer this service from their deli)