Halls family - Fordwich Rise

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Halls family - Fordwich Rise

Post by Marilyn » Wed 18 Jun, 2014 11:48 am

I am trying to find Judy Halls born in 1946 who lived in Fordwich Rise. I believe her parents were Reginald and Phyllis. I wonder if anyone knows/ knew her or any of the family. She has been identified by someone else as in an old photo with the mother of a friend of mine when they were about 12/13 years old and my friend would love to get in touch to find out more about her late mothers childhood in Hertford as she never talked about it.

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Re: Halls family - Fordwich Rise

Post by Anorak » Wed 18 Jun, 2014 8:45 pm

Are you on/still on Genes reunited? Certainly worth a crack. If, like me, you aren't anymore the GR facebook page might be a start. There used to be plenty of peeps there with access to the ER. The chances are she is likely not to have moved in the past 12 years so if you can get on the old ER she's probably still at that address.

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