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Added page about Draft District Plan 5th April 2014
Added details about Theatre Week 2014 20th March 2014
Parking Management updated 19th March 2014
Events at Hertford Castle 2014 21st January 2014


Added photos of 2013 Christmas Gala 25th November 2013
Added details of Chrismas Gala 12th November 2013
Food and Drink Festival 7th October 2013
Added pictures of the Musical Mystery Tour 27th August 2013
Added pictures of the Mayor's Raft Race 24th August 2013
Added details of the Musical Mystery Tour 23rd August 2013
Added details of Rock At The Castle 25th July 2013
Added pictures of Hertford Carnival 25th June 2013
Updated carnival page 15th June 2013
Added item about 2013 art exhibition 7th May 2013
Added item about Free School 13th April 2013
Added Election 2013 12th April 2013
Added details about Theatre Week 2013 12th April 2013
Housing Development updated 13th March 2013
Events at Hertford Castle 2013 7th March 2013
Added photos of 2012 pantomime Sleeping Beauty 9th January 2013
Added dates for Hertford Farmers' Markets during 2013 6th January 2013
Added photos of the 2012 pantomime 3rd January 2013
Added information about 2013 pantomime 3rd January 2013


Updated police information 5th December 2012
Added photos of 2012 Christmas Gala 25th November 2012
Added details of 2012 Christmas Gala 18th November 2012
Added Food Festival pictures 16th October 2012
Updated housebuilding gallery 6th October 2012
Food and Drink Festival 27th September 2012
Added photos of Rock At The Castle 2012 8th August 2012
Added photos of Folly At The Folly 2012 16th July 2012
Added details of Folly At The Folly 2012 6th July 2012
Added pictures of new Sainsbury's store 27th June 2012
Added pictures of Hertford Carnival 24th June 2012
Added details of Hertford Music Festival 23rd June 2012
Added details of Rock At The Castle 17th June 2012
Added pictures of Sainsbury's building work 10th June 2012
Updated carnival page 8th June 2012
Added Hertford Art Society Exhibition 5th May 2012
Updated Theatre Week page with results 5th May 2012
Updated cycling page 15th April 2012
Updated parking details 26th March 2012
Events at Hertford Castle 2012 26th February 2012
Added details of Theatre Week 2012 13th February 2012
Updated Secondary School league table results 1st February 2012
Updated Primary School league table results 15th January 2012
Added page about Hertford Carnival 2012 5th January 2012
Added Twitter feed to shopping page 1st January 2012
Updated new ident and page layout to include new right-hand sidebar and expanded page width 1st January 2012


Added page about availability of stock photos 22nd December 2011
Updated Wif hitspot information 21st December 2011
Improved information about shopping 6th October 2011
Updated photo of Bircherley Green shopping centre 4th October 2011
Updated shop pictures 3rd October 2011
Property page updated 2nd October 2011
Added page about Hartham 15th August 2011
Folly At The Folly 2011 8th August 2011
Updated pantomime page 4th August 2011
Added results of Hertford In Bloom 2011 30th July 2011
Rock At The Castle 2011 29th July 2011
Hertford Music Festival 2011 added 21st June 2011
Funday 2011 added 28th May 2011
Mead Lane Consultation 12th May 2011
Local Government page updated 6th May 2011
List of local councillors updated 6th May 2011
Local election results added 6th May 2011
Added details of Hertford In Bloom 2011 1st May 2011
Added details of Annual Art Exhibition 21th April 2011
Added details of Theatre Week winners 17th April 2011
Town and District Council Elections 9th April 2011
Updated Farmers' Market dates for 2011 7th March 2011
Added details of Theatre Week 2011 26th February 2011
Events at Hertford Castle 2011 15th February 2011
Museum Up For Award 11th February 2011
School league tables updated 12th January 2011


Updated page about shopping in Hertford 12th December 2010
Updated photos of the River Lee 25th November 2010
Housing Development updated 6th October 2010
Community Voice 23rd August 2010
Bramfield Festival details added 15th August 2010
Pictures of Folly At The Folly 2010 added 8th August 2010
Folly At The Folly 2010 4th August 2010
Added photos of Rock At The Castle 2nd August 2010
Rock At The Castle 2010 24th July 2010
Added photos of Farmers' Market 13th June 2010
Added photos of Funday 2010 6th June 2010
New Mayor 2nd June 2010
Funday 2010 28th May 2010
Election results added 7th May 2010
Added election videos page 30th April 2010
Bengeo ratrun information updated 3rd April 2010
Updated page about local health authotities 2nd April 2010
Added page about Local Development Frameworks 31st March 2010
Updated Bypass in Issues section 30th March 2010
Updated Traffic Management in Issues section 29th March 2010
Updated information on walking in Hertford 29th March 2010
Updated information on cycling in Hertford 28th March 2010
Updated Theatre Week page with details of winners 28th March 2010
Added Farmers' Market dates for 2010 21st March 2010
Added new quiz 21st March 2010
Election 2010 section added 18th February 2010
School league tables updated 18th February 2010
Nursery listing updated 16th February 2010
Government Backs Sainsbury's 28th January 2010
Added details of Theatre Week 2010 27th January 2010
Updated Medics page 20th January 2010
Events at Hertford Castle 2010 16th January 2010
Updated entertainment page 15th January 2010
Updated restaurants listing 10th January 2010


Tesco Plan Approved 20th December 2009
Updated page about the River Lee 14th December 2009
Updated town centre shopping page 8th December 2009
Updated Cycling page 7th December 2009
Updated Local Links page 16th November 2009
Added information about The Master's House 7th November 2009
Added new photos of Hertford by night 12th October 2009
Updated riverside yards/new library page 29th September 2009
School league tables updated 29th September 2009
Information on Stansted Airport expantion updated 27th September 2009
Clickable map updated 22nd September 2009
Annual Garden Festival 6th September 2009
Added content to street names 1st September 2009
Pictures of Folly At The Folly added 23rd August 2009
Folly At The Folly added 17th August 2009
Photos of Rock At The Castle 2009 2nd August 2009
List of WiFi hotspots updated 29th July 2009
Rock At The Castle 2009 26th July 2009
Added Parking information 23rd July 2009
Updated Parking Issues 20th July 2009
Castle Fun Day 2009 5th June 2009
County Council Elections 26th May 2009
List of local councillors updated 7th May 2009
Added Theatre Week results 27th April 2009
Supermarkets page in Issues section updated 12th April 2009
Sports Centre Plan Extended 11th April 2009
Theatre Week 2009 10th April 2009
Hertford Castle Events for 2009 28th February 2009
Sainsbury's Plan Approved 1st February 2009


Christmas in Hertford 26th November 2008
Sports Centre Plan Resubmitted 23rd November 2008
Tesco Plans Thrown Out 30th September 2008
Lost Churches updated 22nd September 2008
Hertford Brewery photos 21st September 2008
Post Office Closures (updated) 20th September 2008
Community Voice 20th September 2008
Photos of Garden Festival 14th September 2008
Housing development pictures 10th September 2008
Post Office Closures 9th September 2008
Sainsbury's Submit Second Plan 8th September 2008
Annual Garden Festival 7th September 2008
Updated Local Plan details 3rd September 2008
Blog added 22nd August 2008
Shop News updated 22nd August 2008
Added page about ten years online 19th August 2008
Photos of the Castle Street Party 18th August 2008
In Bloom photos 11th August 2008
Quiz No.6 10th August 2008
Added photos of Rock At The Castle 2008 4th August 2008
Shop photos updated 27th July 2008
Shopping page updated 27th July 2008
Shop News updated 27th July 2008
Tesco submit planning application 26th July 2008
Castle Street Party details added 24th July 2008
Rock At The Castle details added 24th July 2008
Updated wireless hotspots page 23rd July 2008
Updated riverside yards/new library page 22nd July 2008
Updated Bengeo Ratrun page 20th July 2008
Updated Archers Spring page 17th July 2008
Updated supermarket expansion 14th June 2008
Page about Mayor updated 25th May 2008
Music Festival details added 29th April 2008
Theatre Week results added 28th April 2008
New police station opens 14th April 2008
Community Voice 5th April 2008
Theatre Week 2008 added 10th March 2008
Information on local churches updated 17th February 2008
School league tables updated 11th February 2008
Housing Development updated 6th February 2008
Hertford Castle Events for 2008 6th February 2008
Added supermarket expansion to Issues section 4th February 2008
Updated Restaurants page 3rd February 2008
Tesco's Expansion Plans 16th January 2008
Community Voice 14th January 2008
Updated Property page 13th January 2008
WiFi and Wireless hotspots 8th January 2008
Town Centre Road Closures 6th January 2008
Clothes Collections Raise Concerns 5th January 2008
Parking Charges Increase 5th January 2008


Shop News updated 28th December 2007
Museum Awarded £1m 3rd December 2007
Community Voice 24th September 2007
Shop News updated 14th August 2007
Updated information about local buses 12th August 2007
Castle Street Party 2007 added 9th August 2007
Rock At The Castle 2007 added 31st July 2007
Parking page updated 30th July 2007
Sainsbury's Proposed Supermarket 7th July 2007
Castle Fun Day 2007 3rd June 2007
Hertford Music Festival 12th May 2007
Hertford Art Exhibition 6th May 2007
Local Election 2007 1st May 2007
Site of new police station announced 23rd April 2007
Hertford's Worst Planning Decisions 13th April 2007
Theatre Week 2007 9th April 2007
School league tables updated 15th March 2007
Skate Park news updated 23rd February 2007
Community Voice 17th January 2007
Added details of airports serving the town 8th January 2007
Events at Herford Castle 2007 5th January 2007


It's Panto Time! 30th December 2006
Updated the shopping page 5th December 2006
Christmas in Hertford 29th November 2006
Farmers' market information 27th November 2006
Latest Shop News 26th November 2006
Skate Park news updated 26th November 2006
Richard Hale Association 10th October 2006
The Past In Pictures (update) 2nd September 2006
Photos of the Castle Street Party 20th August 2006
Skate Park update 15th August 2006
Castle Street Party 14th August 2006
Rock In The Castle photos 6th August 2006
Rock In The Castle 30th July 2006
New aerial photos of the town 29th July 2006
Charity convert at Castle Hall 23rd July 2006
Updated cycling page and Cole Green Way information 22nd July 2006
Updated medical practitioners page 16th July 2006
Nominate Your Blackspot! 11th June 2006
Pictures of Hertford Funday 4th June 2006
Skatepark: Council Doubles Money 29th May 2006
Chaos at Hertford East 24th May 2006
Housing development information updated 21st May 2006
Shop News 15th May 2006
Fore Street closure 13th May 2006
St.Andrews Street Charity Day 2nd May 2006
Theatre Week 2006 10th April 2006
Saturday Cinema 4th April 2006
Oxfest 2006 5th February 2006
Events at Herford Castle 2006 30th January 2006
School League Tables updated 23rd January 2006
Chewing Gum Campaign 18th January 2006
Shop News 18th January 2006
Council Leader Resigns 17th January 2006
Shop News 18th January 2006
Community Voice 11th January 2006
It's Panto Time! 2nd January 2006


Reviewed local plan information 30th December 2005
Reviewed education pages 28th December 2005
Quiz No.5 11th December 2005
Sports Centre update 5th November 2005
Amadeus at Castle Hall 17th November 2005
The Marquee This Weekend 15th November 2005
The Galleries 1st November 2005
Meet The Managers 16th October 2005
Council To Target 'Ghost Houses' 12th October 2005
Fourth quiz added 11th October 2005
Updated airport expansion information 10th October 2005
Pictures of Caffe Nero 4th October 2005
Stansted expansion exhibition 3rd October 2005
Lorry fails corner 26th September 2005
Heritage Open Days 7th September 2005
Around The Town 29th August 2005
Community Voice 24th August 2005
Shop News 14th August 2005
Rock concert photos 8th August 2005
Third quiz added 31st July 2005
Walking in Hertford 30th July 2005
Parking page updated 27th July 2005
Rock In The Castle 14th July 2005
Skatepark page updated 1st July 2005
Parking Meters Deferred 30th June 2005
Flash Floods 29th June 2005
Town Gets Facelift 21st June 2005
Community Voice 6th June 2005
Updated pictures of Bircherley Green shopping centre 4th June 2005
Second quiz added 25th May 2005
Grass Track Racing Pictures 22nd May 2005
Grass Track Racing 2005 17th May 2005
General Election 2005 30th April 2005
Theatre Week 2005 Awards 27th April 2005
Annual Town Meeting 12th April 2005
The Online Quiz 3rd April 2005
Events at Hertford Castle 27th March 2005
Theatre Week 2005 19th March 2005
Twelfth Night 18th March 2005
Local Issues: Bypass (added) 7th March 2005
School League Tables updated 6th March 2005
Updated shop pictures 25th February 2005
The Marquee This Week and Next 22nd February 2005
Shop News 22nd February 2005
Speak Up Against Prescottshire 10th February 2005
Meet The Managers 1st February 2005
Oxfest 2005 21st January 2005
Parking Attendants Return 11th January 2005
Housing development information updated 4th January 2005
Housing development pictures 3rd January 2005
It's Panto Time! 3rd January 2005


Hertbeat Back In Town 21st December 2004
Continental Market pictures 4th December 2004
Continental Market 29th November 2004
Property page updated 21st November 2004
Community Voice 15th November 2004
Shop News 1st November 2004
Garden Festival 13th September 2004
Hertbeat In Town 9th September 2004
St.Andrew Street Website 4th September 2004
Adventure Castle 1st September 2004
Camping in Hertford 15th August 2004
Parking issues (updated) 7th August 2004
Skate Park Grant Rejected 5th August 2004
Homes for Mill Road Depot (updated) 5th August 2004
Toucan Crossing 5th August 2004
Community Voice 19th July 2004
Added information about the new Mayor 18th July 2004
Pictures of melodramas in the Castle Grounds 17th July 2004
Local Councillors page updated 16th July 2004
Theatre in The Castle Grounds 12th July 2004
Hertford Marquee Club 7th July 2004
Homes for Mill Road Depot 24th June 2004
Shop News 24th June 2004
Hertford Funday pictures 15th June 2004
Hertford Funday 3rd June 2004
Grass Track Racing Pictures 28th May 2004
Grass Track Racing 2004 15th May 2004
Links page updated 14th May 2004
Public Barred 4th May 2004
Art Exhibition 2004 1st May 2004
Theatre Week Results 27th April 2004
Events at Hertford Castle 15th April 2004
Mead Lane Setback 14th April 2004
Theatre Week 2004 8th March 2004
Insomnia Showcase No.10 2nd March 2004
Pictures: The Trash at OxFest 29th February 2004
The Soup Cycle 25th February 2004
Oxfest 22nd February 2004
Robbery at Building Society 18th February 2004
Airport Legal Challenge 16th February 2004
Local Councillors (updated) 15th February 2004
Housing in Hertford (updated) 15th February 2004
Shop News 9th February 2004
Roadworks Ahead 8th February 2004
Entertainment in Hertford 8th February 2004
Snow Brings Chaos 28th January 2004
Insomnia Showcase No.9 26th January 2004
Residents' Parking 19th January 2004
School League Tables 2003 15th January 2004
Local Issues, Town Centre Enhancement page updated 14th January 2004
Local Issues, Parking page updated 12th January 2004
Webcam re-instated 10th January 2004
Magistrates Needed 7th January 2004


Second Runway Recommended 22nd December 2003
New Year's Eve 18th December 2003
Power Restored 12th December 2003
Town Centre In Darkness 11th December 2003
Town Centre Power Cut 11th December 2003
Free Christmas Parking 11th December 2003
Insomnia Showcase No.8 21st November 2003
Mead Lane Consultation 17th November 2003
Shop News 12th November 2003
Town Twinning Open Evening 2nd November 2003
Insomnia Showcase No.7 27th October 2003
Medieval Night 2003 21st October 2003
Webcam launched 17th October 2003
Beer Festival 5th October 2003
Town Centre Enhancement: Public Exhibition 24th September 2003
Hertford By Night pictures 21st September 2003
Housing Development pictures 21st September 2003
Win A Shedload of Chocolate 20th September 2003
Town Centre: New Plans Revealed 15th September 2003
Housing Land pictures 31st August 2003
Housebuilding Explosion 29th August 2003
Hertford Museum's Centenary 27th August 2003
Events at Hertford Castle 18th August 2003
Heatwave 10th August 2003
Steam Fair Photos 3rd August 2003
Shop News 27th July 2003
Gallery updated 27th July 2003
Tree Hides Speedcam Warning 27th July 2003
Steam Fair 27th July 2003
Beer Festival 23rd July 2003
About The Mayor 16th July 2003
Parking Strategy Unveiled 13th July 2003
Hertbeat Comes To Town 3rd July 2003
District Councillors list updated 28th June 2003
Street Dance classes 26th June 2003
Town Councillors list updated 12th June 2003
Funday pictures 3rd June 2003
Hospital: Building Starts July 28th May 2003
Art Exhibition Awards 23rd May 2003
Grass Track Racing and pictures 18th May 2003
Accommodation updated 12th May 2003
Hertford Churches updated 10th May 2003
Funday 9th May 2003
Hertford Theatre Week 2003 Awards 4th May 2003
Art Exhibition 2nd May 2003
Local Elections Results added 2nd May 2003
Housing Development in Hertford 30th April 2003
Centenary Car Festival 27th April 2003
Local Elections Town Council candidates added 12th April 2003
Annual Town Meeting (report) 8th April 2003
Airport Expansion: Public Meeting at County Hall 6th April 2003
Local Elections District Council candidates added 4th April 2003
First Speed Cameras For Hertford 2nd April 2003
Health Authorities (updated) 1st April 2003
History Of Schools (updated) 31st March 2003
Annual Town Meeting 31st March 2003
Consultants Report Dismissed 23rd March 2003
Town & District Council Elections 19th March 2003
Hertford Theatre Week 2003 11th March 2003
Planning Amendments Court Controversy 10th March 2003
Second Stansted Consultation 10th March 2003
A New Culinary Experience 25th February 2003
Police Car Crime Warning 23rd February 2003
Shop News 15th February 2003
Council Tax rates 10th February 2003
Snow Brings Chaos 1st February 2003
School League Tables 27th January 2003
No Movies for Mill Road 22nd January 2003
Hertford BusZone 16th January 2003
Online Planning Applications Enquiry 15th January 2003
Local Magistrates Needed 15th January 2003


Parking Study 24th December 2002
Ware Road Resurfacing 23rd December 2002
Updated Stansted Expansion information 18th December 2002
The Stone House 5th December 2002
Medieval Night Pictures 16th November 2002
Roadworks Ahead 12th November 2002
Government Proposes New Runways 8th November 2002
Hospital Gets Go Ahead 1st November 2002
The Mayor 23rd October 2002
Medieval Night 13th October 2002
Housing Development in Hertford 30th September 2002
Shop News 19th September 2002
Shop News 10th September 2002
Hertford In Bloom 8th September 2002
Added forums 9th August 2002
Rock in the Castle Grounds 4th August 2002
The Meads 26th July 2002
Housing Development in Hertford 20th July 2002
Hertfordshire Structure Plan: Council Defers Decision 18th July 2002
Housing Development: In Pictures 17th July 2002
Strikers Cause Traffic Chaos 17th July 2002
The Past In Pictures 15th July 2002
Mill Bridge, history of 15th July 2002
Butcherley Green, history of 15th July 2002
Drama Festival 14th July 2002
Roadworks Near Completion 3rd July 2002
Shopping in Hertford 3rd July 2002
Events at Hertford Castle & Grounds 2nd July 2002
Funday Pictures 24th June 2002
Local TV update 17th June 2002
Traffic Chaos Continues 15th June 2002
Hertford Beer Festival 4th June 2002
Vintage Vehicles & Veteran Bicycles 4th June 2002
Classic Bus Day 2002 4th June 2002
Beer Festival in pictures 2nd June 2002
Buses, beer and bicycles 30th May 2002
Grass Track Racing 2002 21st May 2002
Shop News 13th May 2002
Hertford Funday 2002 13th May 2002
Hertford's railway stations 12th May 2002
Annual Art Exhibition 6th May 2002
Hertford Theatre Week 30th April 2002
Hertford Theatre Week 16th April 2002
Issues In Verse 26th March 2002
History section revamped 15th March 2002
Brief History of Hertford (updated) 12th March 2002
Notable Names 11th March 2002
Pictures of Bluecoats Roundabout and Mill Road junction before road works Town Centre faces weeks of disruption 25th February 2002
McMullen's May Be Sold 25th February 2002
Entertainment at Castle Hall at Castle Hall 29th January 2002
Sewer blockage in town centre 27th January 2002
New Hospital 20th January 2002


Riverside Yards 17th December 2001
Shop News 4th December 2001
French Market 30th November 2001
2001 Medieval Night 16th November 2001
New plans for the Addis building 3rd November 2001
Shop News 3rd November 2001
New streetlighting in the town centre 27th October 2001
Hertfordshire Structure Plan 20th October 2001
Medieval Night 2001 18th October 2001
Bengeo Rat-run 18th October 2001
Ghost Walk 18th October 2001
Housing 1st October 2001
Shop News 28th September 2001
Shire Hall Open Day 23rd September 2001
Shop News 13th August 2001
Shop News 6th August 2001
Local healthcare group's Board Meeting 30th July 2001
Sports Centre 13th July 2001
District Council Draft Local Plan 13th July 2001
Hertford Funday 2nd July 2001
Ware Road traffic proposals 22nd June 2001
Result of General and Local Elections 8th June 2001
Local election information 26th May 2001
Local and National election information 24th May 2001
Vital Statistics about the town 23rd May 2001
General Election opinion poll information 23rd May 2001
The Mayor 20th May 2001
Classic Bus Day 19th May 2001
Local Election for County Councillors 18th May 2001
Shop News 13th May 2001
General Election in Hertford 9th May 2001
Hertford Art Exhibition 6th May 2001
Hertford Funday 6th May 2001
Updated Theatre Week 2001 30th April 2001
Updated Foot and Mouth information 13th April 2001
Market Street Re-opens 13th April 2001
Riverside Yards 12th April 2003
proposals from Herts County Council regarding congestion on Ware Road 12th April 2003
Foot and Mouth Disease 9th April 2001
Added pictures of Addis site prior to the demolition of buildings in July 20000 4th April 2001
Updated information about traffic issues in Hertford, with particular reference to the Bengeo rat-run 3rd April 2001
Updated picture page about housing development 1st April 2001
Updated information about local television station 1st April 2001
Updated pictures of housing development on the former Addis Site 1st April 2001
Added information about Foot And Mouth Restrictions 25th March 2001
Updated the Housing page 14th March 2001
Updated Music Festival 8th March 2001
Updated In Pictures section with photographs of Market Street prior to works during March/April 2001 24th February 2001
Added details about the closure of Market Street 24th February 2001
Shop News 20th February 2001
Added information about the launch of Hertford's local radio station 17th February 2001
  • Added information about local estate agents 8th February 2001
    Updated page about local tourist accommodation 21st January 2001
    Added photographs of Hertford By Night 14th January 2001
    Updated the Shop News page 14th January 2001
    Added information about merger of Primary Care Trusts and local Health Authorities at Health Authorities page 4th January 2001
    Added local school performance tables for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools 1st January 2001


    28th December 2000
  • Updated the page about Local Television.

  • 26th December 2000
  • Updated the Shop News page.

  • 25th December 2000
  • Added information about Christmas Travel Services to the home page.

  • 10th December 2000
  • Updated the Buses page with information about the Park & Ride service during Christmas 2000.

  • 2nd December 2000
  • Updated the Shop News page.

  • 22nd November 2000
  • Added page about Travellers to the Issues section.

  • 19th November 2000
  • Updated page about parking in the Issues section.
  • Updated page about new hospital in the Issues section.

  • 18th November 2000
  • Updated the Shop News page.

  • 17th November 2000
  • Added photos of Medieval Night.

  • 31st October 2000
  • Added pictures of the October Storm.

  • 27th October 2000
  • Updated news about the cinema.
  • Updated news about HertBeat FM.

  • 18th October 2000
  • Updated the Shop News page.

  • 17th September 2000
  • Added page about Petrol Availability.

  • 11th September 2000
  • Added page about Classic Bus Running Day to the Events section.

  • 10th September 2000
  • Updated the In Pictures section with latest photos of demolition work on the old Addis Site.
  • Added page about The Cole Green Way.

  • 27th August 2000
  • Our Search page has been updated and now uses the services of FreeFind.

  • 18th August 2000
  • Added map of the town centre.
  • Added information about the River Lee Navigation to the Leisure section.
  • Updated page about town centre shops.
  • Added lists of Pharmacies and Fitness Centres to the Health section.

  • 15th August 2000
  • Added page about Bircherley Green Shopping Centre to In Pictures section.

  • 4th August 2000
  • Added page about fire at jewellers in Maidenhead Street.

  • 24th July 2000
  • Added page about the County Council's Brownfield Study of housing in the town.

  • 21st July 2000
  • Housing Issues page updated with latest news.
  • In Pictures section added.
  • Shop News updated.

  • 18th July 2000
  • Local Radio page updated with latest news.
  • Clubs & Societies section overhauled and updated.

  • 3rd July 2000
  • Family Funday pictures added.

  • 2nd July 2000
  • Updated page about Housing in the Issues section.

  • 1st July 2000
  • Updated page about the Sports Centre at Archers Green.

  • 26th June 2000
  • Updated the Shop News page.

  • 17th June 2000
  • Added pictures of the Millenium Carnival Procession.

  • 7th June 2000
  • Added details about the Millenium Carnival.

  • 21st May 2000
  • Added story and pictures about Grass Track Cycle Racing.

  • 20th May 2000
  • Added information about Hertford Carnival 2000.

  • 12th May 2000
  • Added feature about the Focus On Hertford exhibition at Hertford Museum.

  • 8th May 2000
  • Updated page about Hertford Theatre Week with information about the event's winners.

  • 7th May 2000
  • Added picture pages about the cinema and housing.

  • 6th May 2000
  • Updated information about the cinema .

  • 24th April 2000
  • Updated the Hertford Music Festival page.

  • 22nd April 2000
  • Updated page about traffic management in the town.

  • 19th April 2000
  • Added a page about Samuel Stone.
  • Updated information about Hertford's bus services.

  • 4th March 2000
  • Latest Press Release and Schedule for Hertford Music Festival.

  • 24th Feb 2000
  • Latest Schedule for Hertford Music Festival.

  • 18th Feb 2000
  • Shop News page updated.

  • 11th Feb 2000
  • The Hertford Music Festival Schedule added to Database.

  • 10th Feb 2000
  • The 'Sound of Hertford', a letter from the Hertford Music Festival chairman is published.

  • HertBeat wins licence for independent local radio station.

  • 6th Feb 2000
  • Updated information about local radio station.

  • 4th Feb 2000
  • Latest newsletter added to the Hertford Museum section.

  • 31st Jan 2000
  • Shop News updated.

  • 29th Jan 2000
  • Added new details about the proposed Sports Complex at Archers Spring.

  • 28th Jan 2000
  • Hertford Museum join Discover Hertford Online.
  • Added details about Hertford Music Festival.
  • Events added to the What's On page.

  • 24th Jan 2000
  • Events added to the What's On page.

  • 20th Jan 2000
  • Shop News updated with details of visit by Michael Palin.

  • 14th Jan 2000
  • Digital Postoffice added to allow visitors to send postcards. A FREE Service.

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