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Local Issues

The Local Issues section of Discover Hertford Online features information about current and recent issues in the town.

Free School
A growing shortage of primary school places in the town has led to a group of parents proposing a free school for the town. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Housing Development
Like many towns in the area, Hertford is under pressure to provide new homes, placing a strain on both brownfield sites in the town and the surrounding Green Belt. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

With Hertfordshire having a high rate of car ownership, parking is a problem for residents, shoppers and workers. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Traffic Management
Despite a relief road built in the 1960s, the streets of the town suffer increasing congestion. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Bengeo Ratrun
Traffic congestion in residential streets in Lower Bengeo has been the subject of discussion for a number of years. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Airport Expansion
The government's proposed plans for Stansted Airport could have a major impact on Hertford. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

District Plan
East Herts District Council's plans for Hertford and the district. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Sports Centre
Plans for a Sports Centre at Archers Spring continue the site's recent controversial history. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

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