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Local Events

Castle Hall

Hertford hosts a number of regular events such as Theatre Week and the Art Society's annual exhibition. There is also an annual Funday organised by the Town Council and the crowd-pulling Medieval Night in November.

Castle Grounds
The grounds of Hertford Castle host a number of events organised by the Town Council. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Art Exhibition
The Art Society's annual exhibition takes place every year in May at The Corn Exchange. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Theatre Week
Theatre Week takes place each year in April at Castle Hall, with six nights of drama from local companies and others from further afield. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Hertford Carnival returns in 2012, celebrating a Festival Of Nations. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Hertford Music Festival
Hertford Music Festival started in 1992 and takes place during May each year. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Classic Bus Day
Classic Bus Day gives everyone the opportunity to take a free ride on any number of old buses tracing their old routes around the town and beyond. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Rock In The Castle Grounds
Annual rock concert in the grounds of Hertford Castle in August. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Folly @ The Folly
Annual street Party in The Folly. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Past Events

Castle Street Party
Annual street Party in Castle Street. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Grass Track Racing
Grass track racing returned to Hartham Common in 2000. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Hertford Millenium Carnival
The Millenium Carnival took place on Saturday 16th June 2000. Discover Hertford Online provided full coverage of the event, including photographs of the carnival procession. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Castle Street Party
The Castle Street Party was the forerunner to the current Folly @ The Folly. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Medieval Night
One of the principal events on Hertford's calendar is Medieval Night, organised by the local Chamber of Trade and Commerce between 1995 and 2003. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Hertford Beer Festival
Hertford's second Beer Festival takes place at Hertford's Castle Hall in October. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

French Market
Both Hertford and Ware are regularly visied by a market from across The Channel. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Focus On Hertford
An exhibition of photographs at Hertford Museum. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Jubilee Weekend
A beef festival was held over the jubilee weekend, together with Classic Bus Running Day and a vintage vehicles exhibition. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

Hertford Garden Festival
Annual street Garden Festival held annually in the Castle Grounds, run by the Town Council until 2009. smlarrow.gif (1K)more

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