Use or Lose the Footpaths in Blakemore Woods

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Use or Lose the Footpaths in Blakemore Woods

Post by muddy » Sun 23 Jul, 2017 3:56 pm

I went for a run from Panshanger Car Park, around & through Blakemore Woods near the B1000 yesterday & was amazed how much the paths there have disappeared or been overgrown by weeds. The only reason I can think of is that dog walkers must be using the Panshanger Park instead of Blakemore for their daily constitutionals. With a housing plan showing new housing to be constructed on the edges of Blakemore Woods opposite Sele School in the coming years, I'd hate to think that Blakemore Woods would be lost to the developers because of lack of use - particularly as it has one of the best showings of Bluebells there in April & May. If you are a local resident that values this area, please tread down the weeds & nettles the next time you go over there to show that somebody is still using the paths.
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Re: Use or Lose the Footpaths in Blakemore Woods

Post by Steve » Sun 23 Jul, 2017 6:18 pm

The draft District Plan features only the field to the east of Blakemore Woods as an area suitable for housing. The woods themselves will remain Green Belt, as far as I know. I doubt very much that anyone would be allowed to build there.

Of the area identified for potential housing use, the plan states: "Development of the area will need to ensure ... the continued protection of Archer’s Spring, Ancient and other woodland,wildlife,and other natural assets; and also contribute to the Panshanger Country Park initiative"
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