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Carnival at the Castle.

Posted: Mon 26 Jun, 2017 8:51 pm
by woodbury
The event took place again this year on Sunday 25th June. It seems that it may become an annual event. I know that there is some dispute over whether it is truly a "Carnival" in the absence of a parade but logistical problems together with lack of support make it unlikely that a parade will return. The Organisers would like comments, good or bad, to help them plan next year's event. Please try to make all comments constructive but if there is anything that you were not pleased with then they would like to know.

Re: Carnival at the Castle.

Posted: Mon 03 Jul, 2017 10:21 am
by Drama Queen
I spend a good deal of my weekends in the Town Centre and didn't see a thing to do with this in terms of poster/flyer etc in any of the coffee shops to tell me about the event. I thought something may be happening, only because the McMullen's steam driven 1867 lorry was parked outside the Brewery near to Sainsburys and I wondered if it had somewhere to go !!!! Also Bengeo Day was on and that was better publicised through hoardings by a local Estate Agent.. ... was it on social media??? I get a lot of local information through but don't remember this.... Oh well, guess there might be next year????

Re: Carnival at the Castle.

Posted: Mon 03 Jul, 2017 11:20 am
by woodbury
Thank you for your comments. Lots to work on! They do have a website and I think an Fb page. . But you would probably not stumble across it unless you were looking.

Re: Carnival at the Castle.

Posted: Mon 03 Jul, 2017 12:53 pm
by codek2
People say that every year, yet the events are usually packed out :)

I keep an eye on this page:

And generally add everything on it into my calendar at the start of the year so i don't forget!

Teddys bear picnic is a fave of ours!