Panshanger Country Park

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Panshanger Country Park

Post by goleary » Thu 26 Mar, 2015 11:43 am

If you able to take the time.
Why not join us on the Peoples Anniversary Walk next Tuesday morning. Details below and more on the website.
The walk will take in the closed area of the park and include a visit to the 600 year old Panshanger Great Oak. ... y-Walk.pdf

Another issue affecting the Park is Herts County Councils intention to close the 388 daily Bus Service. The only service which connects Welwyn GC and Hertford to Thieves Lane Car Park entrance.
Could you please sign this on-line petition to help save this service. ... 65314Thank you for supporting your Country Park


Gary O'Leary
Chairman, Friends of Panshanger Park
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Re: Panshanger Country Park

Post by muddy » Sun 26 Jul, 2015 7:34 pm

I went for a lovely run (in the rain) around the outside paths of the Park today & was shocked at how overgrown with stinging nettles they were. The worst part was the path that runs adjacent with the B1000 & goes around Evergreen Wood. Methinks the popularity of the paths leading out from the Thieves Lane car park are making these outer paths less used. If you go this way for pleasure or with your dogs, please beat the weeds back with a stick or they'll disappear until winter!
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Re: Panshanger Country Park

Post by codek2 » Mon 12 Oct, 2015 11:36 am

On Sunday the wildlife trust ran a mushroom walk session in Panshanger Park. They found 80 different varieties - thats one rich shroom landscape!
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