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Re: Your Favourite Supermarket

Post by Ewoowar » Fri 27 Mar, 2015 1:31 pm

Kateg28 wrote:I don't understand 'Won't shop in Tescos on principle'. What principle? I genuinely do not know what this means?

Just to defend them a little bit (although I do still prefer Sainsburys due to the spacious store and car park), I frequently have to buy 12 or more French sticks to provide breakfast down at the rowing club in Broxbourne. I always used to try Morrisons or Sainsburys in Hoddesdon but they used to get angry with me and I would have to phone in advance and sometimes they would forget the order. I once got a real telling off in Morrisons by the head baker who almost made me cry.

I realised as our Tesco's was 24 hour I could go to there when I set out at 7am on a Saturday morning ( :o ).

They could not be more helpful, loading up, checking I have what I need and then helping me at the checkouts.

Still hate the poxy car park though.
Those you see at the checkout will be fine, as will many others. However the corporate machine behind it all is manipulative, treating customers and suppliers alike.

Having sat and watched middle managers spending parts of their days at their desks with one internet screen watching the value of their stuffed tesco share account fluctuating it does not inspire me with any confidence that there is an awful lot of focus on the customer. And I left tesco specifically because of the way they treated their suppliers. Specifically.

And before I'm asked about experience my time at tesco was i n I.T. but I worked into their distribution centres and also took a weekend job at the Hatfield store just so I could experience what the checkout staff and customer experience was.

So I have a fair degree of knowledge about tesco.

What I do like about the Hertford store is that some staff seem to have remained for such a long time; from the managers all the way to the guy with the big hair that restocks the crisp aisle every evening.
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Re: Your Favourite Supermarket

Post by Frenchie » Fri 27 Mar, 2015 2:50 pm

Sadly i dont think Tesco is any worse than any other global/dominant retailer in the way it treats suppliers.

Same can be said about Apple, Ford, Topshop etc etc

FWIW i find the erratic stock levels in Sainsburys frustrating and continue to use Tesco.
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Re: Your Favourite Supermarket

Post by Alec » Fri 27 Mar, 2015 3:45 pm

It's Aldi every time for us now, despite the required trek down to Hoddesdon.

Originally drawn in by price, the first experience is odd with all the own/clone brands, the lack of choice, and the checkout experience.

After a few visits, we were converts. Our weekly shop at Tesco was between £85 - £110, and is now £50 - 70 - that's pretty eloquent!

We've now fallen in love with the ethos. The lack of choice makes life so much simpler. The fruit and veg is better than anywhere else. I'm veggie, but my wife assures me the meat is great. Chocolate is divine. I also love the fact that it's run simply and efficiently.

On the rare occasions I drop into a Tesco, it now feels bewilderingly big, full of waste, and inefficiently staffed.
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Re: Your Favourite Supermarket

Post by Steve » Fri 27 Mar, 2015 4:18 pm

I find Aldi quality varies. Yes, the deli meats and veg are great but their sausages are so-so and the pasta is dire. Having said that, most supermarket pasta seems to have gone downhill in quality recently. I now only buy Molisana from Giambrone's (or any good independent deli) - it costs a bit more but the quality is so much better. Aldi is also the only place I've been able to find Wiener Schnitzl.
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Re: Your Favourite Supermarket

Post by Kateg28 » Fri 27 Mar, 2015 4:24 pm

I am an Aldi convert although I have to pick my time. I tried Saturday lunchtime once and there was a queue to get in the car park. Monday evenings is deserted.

I must admit I hate the checkout experience as it goes so fast that I struggle with it. And I still need to visit the big names for a few products that I use (eg shaved parmesan) but I do try and use Aldi a lot.
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