New on street parking bays

Your views on traffic and parking in the town
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New on street parking bays

Post by buzz » Sun 03 May, 2015 9:13 am

I see that some new on street, limited time, parking bays have been marked out in the town. Some of them, those for instance in Fore Street in the area roughly outside Nationwide, seem to be sensible although it does mean that delivery vehicles now double park. However, what knob, decided that parking on Mill Bridge was a good idea? It is already difficult for buses to get past vehicles parked in the taxi rank outside The Woolpack, when traffic is queuing at the lights to turn right towards Bengeo, so now it is more difficult with extra vehicles parked there. Do any of the people who make these decisions actually live in the town?
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Re: New on street parking bays

Post by SloopJohnB » Mon 04 May, 2015 10:36 am

"Do any of the people who make these decisions actually live in the town?"

In my experience - NO.

What fun we had at the Hertford Transport Forum trying to make Highways understand local problems when a)none of them worked here and b) none of them lived here. I don't think there is any Highways presence left in Hertford at all. Many of the decent Highways staff I knew left for other authorities. One chap who tried to change things in town and was actually very understanding of problems did not last very long. One official did live here and to be honest he shared our frustrations; but what can one man do?

That forum was dissolved a long time ago because Highways staff did not like attending meetings in the evening but the idea was that it existed to listen to representatives of various bodies; bikers, pedestrians, resident associations and so on and these people had day time jobs and did the other stuff voluntarily. The afternoon meetings had to be abandoned. The they went from three months to six months and the last I heard before the whole thing was wound up was that they wanted to merge Hertford and Ware in to one meeting. Let them fight over the scraps. Divide and rule!!
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