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Parking and obstruction in Park Road

Posted: Wed 18 Feb, 2015 8:01 pm
by Golden
Along Park Road today were many cars carrying a leaflet under the wipers left by the bin men; the leaflet indicated that bins could not be emptied as the bin lorry couldn't get down the road due to inconsiderately parked cars. What has annoyed me is that the leaflet is addressed 'Dear Resident'; now there have been so many complaints that surely EHDC must be aware that most of these cars don't belong to residents of the road but are commuters/local workers taking advantage of free parking - to which I don't object as its a public road - but as some of these cars were very carelessly parked and obstructing the roadway. Why don't they report these to the police or to the traffic wardens who are under their control and take some positive action rather than leaving what will by now be litter.

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Wed 18 Feb, 2015 8:48 pm
by Steve

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Wed 18 Feb, 2015 9:38 pm
by Golden
Done it already Steve - just wanted to vent my spleen!!

Its the inconsiderate parking that really annoys me along with the parking grass (now mud) verges and on the pavement. They had a chance to do something today.

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Mon 02 Mar, 2015 8:23 pm
by newgirl
It's unbelievably selfish of the drivers but there does not seem to be much interest from the Council. I heard that the plans for yellow lines are now in danger of being scrapped too. :cry:

I understand that someone from the waste depot had to come to Park Road that day to help them back out of the road as they could not manoeuvre the dust cart out. What if that was a fire engine?

Most days I have to back up to let other cars come round the blind bends on my side. Unfortunately I think it will take an accident to make EHDC move on with this

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Wed 18 Mar, 2015 12:54 pm
by Golden
I've just seen the revised proposals for Park Road and it illustrates just how out of touch EHDC are from reality - I'll post some of the highlights on here as many non-residents will be interested. Many commuters/town centre workers will be pleased to hear that the double yellow lines on the bend have been dropped to "enable residents to park in this area" - funny how this area is normally empty overnight obviously all the residents work nights or are out partying. Wisdom Drive resident obviously carry more clout as the double yellow lines protecting entry to the gates are staying both sides of the road.

The grass verges are becoming mud pits as more vehicles park on them. The Old London Road car park remains half empty during the week and 95% empty at weekends.

Would never happen in Bishops Stortford.

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Thu 19 Mar, 2015 9:13 am
by Kateg28
newgirl wrote: What if that was a fire engine?
I think that fire engines will just go down the road and the cars will be shunted out of the way, with force by the fire tender. I believe this is their policy and I think you have to put up with the damage to your car and pay for it yourself.

When I see inconsiderate parking, a small part of me wants there to be incident so the fire tenders will do just that but that is a bit OTT.

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Thu 19 Mar, 2015 10:31 am
by Golden
I helped someone to move out of West St last year and while there I saw a fire engine have to back up the road but thankfully it was not on an emergency call; the parking on the bend by the brownie hut/football club entrance there is worse than in Pk Rd. A fire engine can't physically shunt vehicles out of the way but can only squeeze through where possible and this will delay the attendance sometimes with tragic consequences - I know as I've been there.

A number of things irritate me with respect to parking; firstly there are a number of half empty car parks around due to the high cost - naturally people will prefer to park for free. The irresponsible parking obstructing the roads and on verges making the place look a mess - broken window syndrome starts to creep in. Parking is not considered when building any more as according to local authority rules nobody drives so they don't need parking and the developers encourage into this as it makes for more houses per m2 and higher profits. Areas like Hertford East are desperate for parking with the provision about the same as a village station and this will only get worse as the place gets hemmed in by even more flats. Try to park around the station at Bishops Stortford and you'll find that some time related (not before 10am) parking restrictions are in force - but this can't be done elsewhere apparently.

I have off street parking so this doesn't really affect me with respect to parking my own car; I walk or cycle locally to shop whenever possible but think its just the way that EHDC try and fob us off that really 'grinds my gears'! Rant over.

Re: Note to EHDC

Posted: Thu 19 Mar, 2015 1:27 pm
by SloopJohnB
The problem with parking is that commuters/visitors/shoppers do not want to pay for parking and want to be as close as possible to their destination as the situation allows. The other issue is one of displacement. When one avenue of free parking is closed they will find another. The RPZ on Folly Island was one of three pilot schemes in 2004/05 - the other two being in Stortford. What happened was that the seekers of free parking moved on to Queens Road and West Street. The latter decided against a residents parking zone. As RPZ's were set up close to Hertford East other free parking spots had to be sought out. I remember talking to the manager of Focus as it was then in front of a full car park at 8 in the morning. As he said, they weren't even open but the trains were running. So they put in meters etc. People still park in Tescos and shop at Waitrose, ditto Sainsburys (which was intended to be free but that is another story).

Yellow lines are a bit of a double edged sword. They can take up a few valuable parking spaces but they give freedom of movement to others. A few residents on the Island can remember some poor soul being wheeled on a trolley from Frampton Street along Old Hall Street because the ambulance couldn't get passed the crossroads. I have seen a fire appliance get stuck on the cross roads because of parking ignorance. This hardly ever happens now but the fire service still come down to make sure access is clear and since the yellow line on Thornton Street was extended and a tree removed Wendys Wall has not been hit. A Brakes lorry did get wedged but the wall held firm.

One of the issues that you could all take to this public exhibition tomorrow and Saturday is the problem with parking - off street and on street - and if the consultants can get to the problem of why motorists will not pay for parking but inconvenience town centre residents instead.

Re: Parking and obstruction in Park Road

Posted: Mon 23 Mar, 2015 10:13 am
by MultiDad
why are so many people parking in Park Road? is it for the station?