Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

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carlos fandango
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Re: Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

Post by carlos fandango » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 8:27 am

Trains definitely skip stations on the HN line when there are problems. Ask anyone that uses Bayford Station.

Oh I only commuted for 20 odd years before giving up and driving to and from work.
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Re: Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

Post by JohnSmith » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 9:48 am

This very morning (due to yet another signalling problem):

08:03 Moorgate to Stevenage due 08:59
More info
This train will no longer call at Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Enfield Chase, Gordon Hill, Cuffley and Hertford North.
This is due to signalling problems.

Taken from the First Capital Connect website
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Re: Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

Post by bubbaoshea » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 12:55 pm

I had to catch a train to Stevenage, change and get a fast train from there to Finsbury Park, change again and get a train into Moorgate. I'm getting sick and tired of 'signalling problems'! They are happening so often at either Alexander Palance or Gordon Hill that surely it's time to actually make changes to the equipment rather than contstantly bodging it!

I'm not sure if it's First Capitial Connect that are the problem or Network Rail, i suspect the latter but either way the service has gone to the dogs these past 3 months.

So much so it might be time to move to a town near the mainline........Fast train from Stevenage took 14mins to Finsbury Park! On the Hertford line we'd be lucky to make Cuffley in that time currently!
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Re: Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

Post by Joby » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 1:05 pm

bubbaoshea wrote:I'm getting sick and tired of 'signalling problems'!
I've given up on the trains and now cycle to work (in Stevenage) every day. Cold, wet and miserable it may be at the moment, but I'm warmed by the thought that I haven't given FCC a single penny so far this year 8-) .
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Re: Train Cancellation/Station Skipping

Post by MrsG » Wed 15 Jan, 2014 12:30 pm

They seem to turn trains to Hertford East at Ware sometimes which is really annoying as you are so near yet so far! Its get them on time though going back to London if they are a bit late.
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