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The Key at Herford North

Posted: Mon 16 Nov, 2015 8:17 pm
by Cunning Alph
I have just started using the Key card for travelling from HFN for a week now. So far it hasn't had any disagreement with the machine yet, so I like it :)
Paid everything online ... no more queuing out of the door first monday each month and missing the train.
Claiming for delay should also be easier too, just scan the Key once and use is every time.
Same price ticket to Hertford Stations. It should work at Hertford East too, now that they have Oystercard machine.

Anyone has any poor experience with it ? Is there anything to watch out for ?

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Tue 17 Nov, 2015 8:40 am
by beebopb
Is that confirmed that it will work Hertford East as well? I was concerned that having this would limit the ability to use a Hertford Stations to London Terminals ticket between Hertford East and Liverpool Street.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Tue 17 Nov, 2015 9:34 am
by Taxing
I'm still waiting for a reply on the Hertford North/East season ticket issue (5 weeks and no full reply despite reminder!). Talking to the ticket office chap the other week, he seemed to think that it couldn't be used on HE as they now have Oyster and the whole question of tickets that can be used on multiple franchises had not been thought through properly.

The questions in my email of 08/10/2015 were
• If a season ticket is loaded onto a Smartcard, does the customer receive a paper ticket as well for use if Smartcard is not working
• If paper ticket not provided, can you confirm that Smartcard can also be used on Abellio Greater Anglia as this line is covered on the season ticket?
• If the Smartcard cannot be used for travel on Abellio Greater Anglia, please confirm that this situation has been considered when extending this to Hertford season ticket holders, and what they should do in these circumstances?

I'll put something on here if they ever work out how to respond (just sent another reminder)...

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Tue 17 Nov, 2015 8:14 pm
by Cunning Alph
Hmm.. I haven't actually tested the card at Hertford East. However, given that the card works on London's Oystercard terminals, I would be very disappointed if they reject the card, if I have the misfortune of having to come back via HFE.
My backup plan in that case is to say I paid for the ticket and earn the right to jump over the gate :twisted:

I might keep a print out my online account which show my Key card number and the tickets that are active on it just in case.

If I were a HFE users, I would simply use Oystercard, as it is cheaper than from HFN. My guess is the saving should be enough to buy a HFN ticket home if the trains really mess up.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Wed 13 Apr, 2016 8:11 am
by beebopb
Has anyone used this from Hertford East?

Great Northern responded to my query back in November simply saying that it wasn't possible (and completely ignoring my question about whether they were talking to Abellio about the possibility of enabling this). Yesterday I went to buy a new ticket and the lady in the ticket office told me that she thought that they had now struck a deal with Abellio to allow this, however she didn't sound particularly confident about it. There doesn't seem to be any information on their website either way.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Wed 13 Apr, 2016 9:52 am
by highwood38
Did they confirm if you keep the paper season ticket or not? I can see it getting very difficult if you don't.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Tue 19 Apr, 2016 12:29 pm
by Taxing
I gave up trying to get a response in the end so decided to stick with a paper ticket until I know the card can be used on the Hertford East line.

I did here about a month ago one of the ticket inspectors telling someone that Oyster may be available from the Autumn from Hertford North, so maybe that's why there are not pushing the Key so much? Although saying that I've not seen anything remotely official about Oyster being extended.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Wed 27 Apr, 2016 3:08 pm
by beebopb
I got a reply from my renewed query today:
Thank you for contacting us on 13th April 2016 in regards to the expansion of the Key smartcard travel area.

On 3rd March, Abellio Greater Anglia railway launched their own smartcard product, and an reciprocal agreement was reached to make their smartcard available on some Great Northern routes and vice versa.

Unfortunately this does not include the journey Hertford East <-> Liverpool Street. Hertford East is not a Key-enabled station, and so you can neither scan your Key nor purchase Key tickets starting from this station. Hertford North (a Great Northern station) is Key-enabled, however, and you can still buy tickets into London from there.

I hope this information helps. Should you have any further queries about the Key, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
So that'll be a 'no' then.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Thu 28 Apr, 2016 12:02 pm
by monkeyman1974
At a meet the manager session, the representative confirm Oyster would be coming to Hertford North this year, likely Autumn.

Re: The Key at Herford North

Posted: Thu 28 Apr, 2016 1:40 pm
by newgirl
I don't suppose you can just use a contactless bank card like you can in the Tube? :?: