Hertford North Disruption

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Re: Hertford North Disruption

Post by Moose66 » Mon 06 Jan, 2014 12:39 pm

I have successfully claimed under the FCC "Delay Repay" but I think it was for the 17th rather than the 12th
There have been so many problems recently that I honestly can't remember which days were particularly bad !
I received a letter with credit vouchers to spend on future journeys.

Although not a fan of FCC I have to say it was much easier to use their online system than the Greater Anglia version which requires you to fill in a form and post it to them.
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Re: Hertford North Disruption

Post by JohnSmith » Mon 06 Jan, 2014 2:07 pm

They compensated me for 23 December but I'm really oeeved that they knocked me back for 12 December as it was the first time I've ever claimed and they made out that I was lying.
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