Ticket Stasi

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Ticket Stasi

Post by Ewoowar » Fri 12 Dec, 2014 9:14 am

Beware the new member of the Hertford North ticket Stasi on duty today.

He's the one in the long grey coat.

They'd blocked Carnet cards again and in a rush I hadn't put a date on mine but was going to on the train so I didn't get fined.

He refused me entry so I put a date on but forget the date and put 13th. So he refused entry.

They said I could now only use that card tomorrow (Saturday) and had to use another one today. But I pointed out that I'm not travelling tomorrow.

Another inspector stamped my card as 12th and let me through.

I explained the rules, that he had no right to refuse entry as you the card clearly states you must write the date on BEFORE you board the train and I hadn't boarded a train, so I can write the date on anywhere in the station. He said as far as he was concerned he was right. So I should him the rules on the card. He was rude and officious. He said once I cross the barrier I have boarded the train. But I was standing in front of him and said clearly I am not on a train as I have not boarded it yet. He said that was his rules. HIS rules?

As I walked away he could hear my train leaving and he laughed and said, "Ha. Ha. He's missed his train now".
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Re: Ticket Stasi

Post by Kateg28 » Fri 12 Dec, 2014 10:22 am

Oh that is not good.

When I got there, the machine refused to accept my ticket (annual gold card) and so I had to go to him. He had seen the person in front of me have the same issue and he said "Sorry, for some reason the machines are playing up again" and let me through with a smile.
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