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Police Launch 101

Local police have launched a new non-emergency number for the public to contact the police.

The new non-emergency number 101 is aimed at making calls to the service cheaper, easier and more efficient.

The number will gradually replace the current non-emergency number, 0845 33 00 222. However, the changeover will not happen immediately and '0845' number is expected to be in place for approximately a year, running in tandem with 101 to ensure a smooth transition.

The introduction of 101 is part of a countrywide Association of Chief Police Officers and Home Office-led initiative where all forces are due to adopt the number by December, in phases. Herts Police is in the first phase of forces to adopt 101.

Superintendent Rob Henry, who manages the Force Communications Room, said: "The Constabulary welcomes this new number as it means members of the public will soon be able to phone 101 wherever they are in England and Wales, and reach their local force."

"Gone will be the days of people being asked to ring long and often expensive 0845 or 0300 numbers. And it is hoped, because the number is easier to remember, that it will ease the burden on unnecessary 999 calls from people unable to remember the non-emergency one."

101 will cost 15p for the duration of the call, whether made from a landline or mobile phone. However, for those whose current service plans give them free calls to 0845 numbers, it will still be possible to contact the Constabulary non-emergency service on landline number 01707 354000, which is also a free number on some phone packages.

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